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    Limited Edition Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Snare Drums
    Only 10 Available - $699
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    Quality - We don't compromise on anything.
    Integrity - We guarantee you'll love your drums.
    Style - Your drums will be second to none.

Welcome to the last drum set you'll ever need. 100% Made In The USA.

At Rockett Drum Works, we pride ourself on quality, craftmanship, and styling to build you world-class drums. We're not another run-of-the-mill "custom" shop with cheap overseas parts. We build all our drums in-house using American made gear and pride ourselves on that. Our lugs are machined in southern California and our finishes are dreamed up by you.


Amazing Finishes

Our finishes are second to none. From custom wraps, stains, and veneers, to crazy hand-painted finishes, we'll design the dream look you've always wanted.


Single Point Lugs

Less metal on your drums means better resonance and lighter drums. Hands down, single point drums sound and perform better than anything else on the market.


Master Crasftmen

With over 20 years of combined drum building, our craftsmen are world-class and capable of building even the craziest of ideas you can dream up.

Full Kits

We can build anything from 6" to 32" in diameter and up to 24" in depth featuring wood, metal and acrylics.

With choices ranging from maple, birch and mahogany to exotic woods including bubinga, sapele and more, we can quite literally create anything you dream up.

  • Arkham Asylum

    8ply Maple
    White Powdercoat
    Custom Wrap
  • Creepy Dolls

    8ply Maple
    Illusion Emerald Powdercoat
    Hand Painted Finish
  • Rockett Vuitton

    8ply Maple
    Anodized Lugs
    Custom Wap
  • Holograph Custom Wrap

    8ply Maple
    Black Powdercoat
    Custom Wrap
  • Poison Zombie

    8ply Maple
    Purple Powdercoat Custom
    Blacklight Paint
  • Sailor Jerry Tattoo Style

    8ply Maple
    Brushed Chrome Powdercoat
    Hand Painted Tattoo Style
  • Troy Patrick Farrell

    8ply Maple
    Hand Painted Design
    Artist Stock
  • Harley DeWinter

    8ply Maple
    Hand Painted Design
    Artist Stock
  • Bettie Page

    8ply Birch
    Black Powdercoat
    Hand Painted Design

Snare Drums

From piccolo sizes to marching and more, we can create the snare drum you've always dreamed of.

  • Limited Edition 6.5x14 Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Snare Drum

  • 7x13 Steam Bent Purpleheart

    Amazing Shell
  • 6.5x14 Maple Over Carbon Fiber

    Dark Blue Lacquer
  • 7x14 Playing Cards Acrylic Shell

    Arcylic Playing Card Overlay
  • 8x13 15ply Maple Red Lacquer

    Hand Lacquered
  • 6x14 Maple Green Satin Stain

    Hand Stained
  • 6x14 Custom Zebra Cloth Wrap

    Specialized Cloth Wrap
  • 6.5x14 Maple Over Carbon Fiber

    Orange Lacquer
  • 5.5x14 Design For Ducati Motorcycles

    Custom Wrap
  • 6.14 Purple Lacquer with Black Hardware

    Hand Lacquered
  • 8x14 USA Acrylic with Vintage Logo

    3 Color Arcylic
  • 6.5x14 Steam Bent Curly Limba

    Solid Shell